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When it comes to Handgun appraisals we can identify and give an appraisal on that antique Colt to that brand new Glock. Nothing is beyond the scope of our capabilities. 

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Rifles & Long Guns

Here at Garrett's Armory we can appraise your rifles. Whether its that old family heirloom passed down from grandpa or if its that new sporting rifle, we can identify it and confidently give a professional appraisal. 

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Gear & Accessories

Having years of experience within the military. We have the knowledge and can also appraise gear and accessories within a collection. 

Garrett's Armory Appraisals 

Garrett's Armory offers professional appraisals for local firearms. Garrett's Armory is a GPPA designated appraiser with over 10 years of experience within the industry.  We can appraise anything from small collections to large collections. Nothing is beyond the scope of our capabilities. 

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